Like us, you might be wondering how to give gifts this holiday season that are more thoughtful and meaningful than in years past. We hear you: which is why year we decided to help you do something important in the lives of at-risk children.

This has been an unprecedented year of race-based violence. It’s not just a “wake up call.”

It’s a reminder of our responsibility to make change happen, especially in the lives of black children who have been confronted with the politics and inhumanity of police violence.

Which is why Fonfrège is partnering with National CARES Mentoring Movement, an organization anchored by 58 affiliates across 26 states that directly addresses the systemic problem of Black poverty including the psychological effects of witnessing the kind of violence we’ve seen over the course of just this year alone.

“These adverse childhood experiences disproportionately affect African American families,” says Stephen Powell, chief program and partnerships officer for National CARES.  “Many of those who have been systematically attacked and continue to suffer marginalization from a disdainful and inhumane legacy of prejudicial laws, beliefs, policies and practices.”

Fonfrège has assembled a collection of giftable items that will help raise funds for the important work National CARES does in cities across the country.

The funds we raise thanks to your purchases will directly benefit the Louisville, Kentucky affiliate of National CARES, where most recently communities have been crushed by the injustice handed down to Breonna Taylor and her family.

“The support of partners like Fonfrège is immeasurable to our work and is a stellar example of corporate social responsibility,” says Stephen. “It also provides critical funds at a time where, especially, Black-led and Black-serving organizations have been greatly impacted by the pandemic and economic constriction.”

Through the National CARES mentoring programs, young black children are supported and nourished with dedicated mentors who help them navigate the injusticeS of systemic racism and poverty in America.

Together, we can make a difference. Shop now on our website and join us in changing the lives of these young people.

National CARES Mentoring Movement is a designated 501(c)(3) organization. For more information please visit